Choose a Reliable Backup Solution for your Server

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It only takes one deep-fried motherboard for you to realize the importance of backing up your files before they’re lost forever. But how can you protect them when the world is full of equipment just waiting to malfunction and accidents just waiting to happen? Here are four ideas.

Flash Drive

If you’re just looking to copy a few forms or a collection of precious family photos, a small, inexpensive flash drive can be purchased at any major retailer. Stick it in your computer, duplicate your important files and then store it somewhere safe.

Web Storage

Another easy way of protecting simple files is by storing them on the web. For example, you can email yourself essays that you don’t want to lose or put photos on sites like Flickr and Photobucket. Even if something happens to your computer, the files will still be online.

External Hard Drive

For bigger endeavors, like copying an entire laptop’s worth of content, you’ll probably need an external hard drive. These can cost a pretty penny depending on the size, quality and processing power that you require, but they can also offer peace of mind that all your files are in a secure secondary location.

Professional Software

If you’re uncomfortable with anything less than business-quality protection, consider backup software by and other technical experts. Their systems were made for the express purpose of safeguarding your files from accidents, accidental deletions and sabotage, and you can rest easy knowing that all your important documents have been copied in case of the unthinkable.

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