An Essential Guide to Website Content

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We can talk about marketing your website or blog all we want. Search engine optimization will get you the hits, sure. And getting people sharing your posts or images will spread the word about your site. But unless your website is sturdy and has high-quality content, you’re going to have a hard time getting people to keep coming back and staying. And that’s what brings in money, helping you turn your website into your professional business.

The importance of content

Getting content on your website is crucial. It needs to be launched with content, and new content needs to keep coming in. You’ve got to consider both quality and quantity. You could have an incredible blog post that stuns readers. But if six months pass and you still haven’t written a new blog post? Then people aren’t going to keep discovering your website or coming back.

How will you be hosting this content?

You need to figure out how you’re going to host this content. This will also be dependent on your niche and business model. It’s something that you may have to chance as time goes on and you get more readers. There are a lot of websites that offer free web hosting, but it may not be suitable if you’ve got a lot of content going in and a lot of readers. Free web hosting exists thanks to shared hosting. This refers to the type of server the website owner will be using. It’s this server you need to keep in mind.

Shared hosting because is the cheapest and easiest option available. Paid web hosting – and good paid web hosting at that – will generally mean that you’re sharing servers with fewer people, making your site more stable for content hosting and readership. You can read more about effective web hosting at It keeps the complexities of web hosting in someone else’s hands, which leaves you free to think solely about content. Free hosting might see hundreds of thousands of website owners are using the same physical server. So if you end up getting a few hundred hits per day, your website will start to get sluggish very quickly.

Getting the content you need

So, what’s your website about? In other words, what’s your niche? Your niche and your projected readership will ultimately affect the quantity of content you require. If the required content flow isn’t that high, then perhaps you could do all of the content creation yourself. You can read more about writing your own content at If people are coming to the blog to see your writing specifically, then you should be the sole content creator regardless of high readership.

But other cases may require you to work with other content creators. If you already have an established readership, you can turn to your own crowd for writers. Post something up on your website advertising positions for writers. All website audiences contain people who like to write, and often people who want to write for that website. You can also try going to places like the A lot of freelance writers flock to this website for opportunities. As with any job site, it will cost you a little bit to get your ad up. But chances are you’ll get responses very soon.

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