Business 101: Digital Disasters & How To Solve Them

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The landscape of modern business has seen a huge shift towards the online arena in recent years. As such, mastering this field can open a wealth of new opportunities. However, you’d be a fool to think the journey to digital profits is easy.

Your digital company could encounter a plethora of problems, so being prepared for the worst is key. Here are some of the most likely scenarios that you could face during those early stages, and what can be done to overcome those obstacles. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.

The Team Isn’t Working Hard Enough

Situation: As a responsible business owner, you found the right time to hire staff. Sadly, they aren’t providing you with the level of productivity that you deserve. Given that time is money, this is badly hurting your progress.

Solution: A successful recruitment drive isn’t the only aspect of building a winning team. You must also learn to invest in their continued development through regular staff training. Meanwhile, it’s equally imperative that you think about the team dynamics by investing in a winning company culture.

Furthermore, you need to accept that it isn’t only bad workmen that blame their tools. Most digital businesses now appreciate that cloud computing is a necessity. However, analyzing AWS vs Azure to make the right decision for your company could have a telling impact. After all, this one move will influence productivity and communication. Give your team the best chance to thrive, and they will.

Profit Margins Are Too Slim

Situation: You’ve completed an extensive amount of research and have set your prices accordingly. However, you’ve quickly discovered that you’d need to sell thousands of products to make the business a success. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t a realistic goal for the foreseeable future.

Solution: Essentially, you either need to find a way of justifying an increase in price or reduce the production costs. The latter can be aided by finding better deals on insurance quotes, energy rates, and other costs.

As for increasing the price, you need to build a brand image that screams “premium products.” Consumers happily pay $5 for a Starbucks coffee because they believe in the brand. Take inspiration from them, as well as Apple and other big labels, to set yourself as being better than the rest. Achieve this, and inflating your sale prices will suddenly become possible.

Customers Aren’t Buying  

Situation: The company boasts products and services that it can be proud of, and has an equally fantastic website. Still, sales figures are struggling badly and show no sign of picking up anytime soon.

Solution: There are many reasons for the potential issues that you’re facing, but a lack of traffic is the most common. Let’s face it; your website is in competition with many similar businesses. Standing out from the crowd is one of the toughest challenges you’ll face, and finding ways to boost your Google ranking is key. However, you must remember to compare localized and generic strategies to ensure that you see the best results. After all, no two companies are identical.

Alternatively, visitors could be avoiding completed purchases due to a lack of trust. This could emanate from a poor ecommerce system, lack of company details, or inadequate security. Either way, upgrading the operational aspects so that they match the quality of your products is vital. Otherwise, your hopes of gaining converted sales will die.

Customers Aren’t Coming Back

Situation: Your business is starting to gain sales from new customers, but struggles to convert them into loyal clients. As such, you’re spending too much on marketing while revenue fluctuates at an unhealthy rate.

Solution: Loyal customers are the heartbeat of any successful business, especially online. First and foremost, you need to ensure that the customers are gaining a great experience. Whether it’s choosing the best delivery service possible or improving your customer care game doesn’t matter. Ensuring that the client’s needs come first at all times is pivotal.

You additionally have a responsibility to make them feel wanted and valued. Using loyalty promotions and other special offers will actively encourage positivity reactions. Moreover, simple gestures like sending greetings cards and freebies on their birthdays can have a huge impact too. Make “give a little, get a lot” your ethos.

Demand Is Too High

Situation: The business is exploding in popularity. But for all those positive features, it’s making it very hard to satisfy the growing number of orders. This has left you leaving customers unable to complete purchases due to items being out of stock while others face long delays.

Solution: Increased order volumes are always a good thing, even if they do erect a few obstacles. First and foremost, you need to embrace increased organizational skills. This can be achieved with relative ease by using a POS system with automatic stock management.

Meanwhile, you must also look to increase productivity. If you cannot take more staff on internally, outsourcing may be the answer. Investing in better machinery for production could be on the cards too.

International Sales Are Poor

Situation: Having launched the online business, you had plans of going international. While domestic sales figures have been pleasing, a lack of worldwide appeal has limited your success. As you approach your full potential at home, finding a way to increase global sales is needed.

Solution: Many consumers won’t buy from international sellers. Therefore, one of the best things you can do is open up new offices in secondary countries. This can be one by booking virtual office addresses or by franchising the company. Either way, gaining increased presence in those territories is key.

Moreover, you may need to adjust your tactics slightly to suit new cultures. After all, different demographics respond to varying content and products. Subtle changes designed for specific geographic locations could make all the difference. Finally, providing a translated version of your website will increase your chances too. This is especially true if you have staff members that can speak those languages.

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