Business Idea: Dorm Room Move In Specialists

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Alright guys, here is a quick and simple business idea to get you started on the right track when you get back to school and are ready to make some money!

Every year, thousands of new students and old students return to the dorm rooms on their college campus. This usually means that besides the student, the students parents are there on campus helping their child move all of their stuff into their dorm room. At the end of August, it can get pretty hot out during the middle of the day when moving a bunch of boxes and heavy items, so why not offer to lend a hand?

Put together some flyers and signs that you can hand out and put around campus offering help with moving a students belongings. If I were a father and had a car full of boxes and stuff, I wouldn’t mind paying another student $10 to help move the items. It gives the parents a chance to take it easy, go slower, and not be paniced or worried. Having a helping hand when moving in to a dorm room will also give the student a chance to work on unpacking the items while someone else is carrying them in for them.

Equip yourself with a dolly or cart that you buy or borrow from someone and you are all set to start moving. An extension of this would be to just rent the carts or dollies to families to use when moving. For a couple bucks, it would be worth it for parents to pay to not have to make 100 trips back and forth to the car, walk up and down the stairs, or wait in long lines to use the elevator.

I have seen this personally work and believe it is a good idea. I have also seen it happen in different capacities – organizations have used it as a fundraiser or organizations have even used it as a community service event.

If it works well enough during move in, why not offer the service at the end of the school year when students are moving out? Because students move out constantly during final exam week as they finish with their exams, you have a good opportunity for steady business for a full week instead of just one day.

Go get ’em! I’d love to hear if you take advantage of this idea or a spin off of it to see how it worked for you! Leave a comment if you have done this or know someone who has.

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3 Responses to Business Idea: Dorm Room Move In Specialists

  1. Mike Michalowicz July 26, 2008 at 1:14 pm #

    It is truly a great idea. I think the entrepreneur can take it a few steps further:
    1. Call people (or email them) prior to coming on campus and get pre-paid.
    2. Wear bright green or orange t-shirts that say “Campus Movers” or something.
    3. Try to move people in batch. Have a meeting point for parents and students to have you unload their cars…. possibly onto a flat bed truck you load.
    4. Continuing the batch idea. Have a labeling system to move stuff without getting mixed up.
    5. Have a sign stating “Tips accepted” or “all proceeds go toward paying for my education (and booze)”
    6. Always be smiling, be helpful and go the extra mile!

  2. Chris July 26, 2008 at 8:47 pm #

    Great comments Mike! Thanks for stopping by again!


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