Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Guest Post

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Hey Everybody! Just a quick note for now – I wrote a guest post for The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur blog that went live this past Friday. Check out the post of some different tips for student entrepreneurs.

Here’s a quick quote from it:

College is a time for learning, living, experimenting, starting a business, and having fun. Yes, I said starting a business. Although the other things are all good, starting a business while in college is probably one of the most important choices can make in your 4 or 5 year college career…or maybe even 6 for the slower ones out there! As a student, you get used to a few different things: not having a bunch of money to throw around, eating as cheaply as possible, living in cramped quarters, and making what you have work. So, I hope that sounds like the perfect time to you to open a business – because it is!

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  1. Mike Michalowicz July 26, 2008 at 9:42 pm #

    Thanks again for the post Chris. No suprise, it is get tons of readers. Great work, brother! Enjoy some well deserved vacation at the Outerbanks!

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