Business Services That Can Help Student Business Growth

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Growth is vital in any business, regardless of its current size. But, let’s say that you are a one-person band operating in a university environment. You make enough money to improve your quality of life, but you just don’t have the time to spend on an expansion of any kind.

Your hours are spent doing your studies, and running the most important aspects of your business – so how do you approach growth? Well, a lot of students with small businesses will leave it until after their studies. It’s a wise idea, as it won’t distract from your education. But, that said, there are still ways of growing your market.

One of the areas worth thinking about is outsourcing some work to third-party business services. So, we’ve put together a list of five of those business services that could help you out.

UX specialist

If you run an online business, there may be some tweaks that can help you make more sales, without you lifting a finger. Hire a UX specialist to take a look at your website and make some changes. They will take the view of your customer and find things that aren’t quite working, or that are putting barriers in front them making a purchase.

SEO expert

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of making your website more visible to the search engines. The better you look to the likes of Google and Bing, the higher you rank when people search for something that you sell. So, hiring a specialist to come in and make some tweaks will raise your profile for the search engines, and deliver you more traffic. And there you have it – instant growth. Now, this won’t automatically translate into more sales, and there is a bit of work to do with conversion. But, it does give you a ready-made audience.

Virtual assistant

As a student business owner, your time will be limited. So, it makes sense to pass on more menial tasks that eat away at your time. You can hire a virtual data entry assistant to take care of your email lists, for example. Or, you could have someone answer your calls while you are in a lecture. All these tasks are necessary, but when your time is short it is worth passing them on to someone else.

Content marketer

If you have a website, then you are probably aware of the importance of adding fresh new content. It keeps your online business relevant, helps with your SEO and underlines your authority in your industry. The problem is; it takes a long time to create great content that people will actually read – and that’s one thing you don’t have a lot of. So, hire a content marketer to do it for you, and you should see more traffic and a lot more interest in your business.

Social media expert

Social media is another time-consuming activity. There are so many different channels to use that it is impossible to handle them all by yourself. Plus, you don’t want your notifications going off during an important part of your lecture! So, find a social media expert who can help you keep on top of things, and also to update all of your channels with great content.

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