Businesses: Beware of Burglars!

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We spend thousands of dollars ensuring that our homes are safe and secure, so it makes sense that we’d be just as vigilant when it comes to our businesses too. Not only do you have your own equipment and information to keep safe, but in many cases, the information of your customers too. Rinsed bank accounts or identity theft that comes about as a result of your neglect could land you in serious trouble. These days not only do we need to worry about physically protecting the office but our online information too, therefore we need to take a multidimensional approach to security. Here are a few ways you can thwart thieves, both online and in person.

Get Insured

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re insured correctly. That way if anything happens to a member of the public as a result of your business or any of your employees are harmed for any reason, you have the correct paperwork in place. It might feel morbid planning for the worst (and it’s easy to think ‘it will never happen to me’) but one lawsuit, especially if it’s for something serious, could be enough to bankrupt your business. Hopefully, you never need to make a claim, but if anything happens you know it can be sorted.

Use a Good Security System

When you’re renting an office in a larger office block, it’s easy to disregard security. While these kinds of buildings do make it more difficult for them to enter, you still need to take personal responsibility for your possessions. A burglar alarm and CCTV will help to both deter thieves, and if they do manage to get in you have evidence and a way to scare them off. If you lockup your office for a week over Christmas or Easter for example, or even just over the weekend, you don’t want to come back and realize everything has been taken.

Back Up To The Cloud

When you back up to physical hard drives or computers, if anything happens to them you lose your data. Fire, theft or a flood could wipe out your hardware causing you to lose important information stored on it. Instead, consider cloud migration solutions; this is where all of your information is migrated to cloud servers. Information in the cloud is encrypted, so it’s safe from thieves, and if anything happens to your computers, you can still access it. If you’re still living in the dark ages with data storage, it’s time to make a change!

Invest in a High-Quality Safe

Does your business take cash from customers or clients? If so, you need a decent safe to keep this away from burglars. It needs to be heavy duty and bolted down to the floor, to prevent anyone who breaks in from simply walking off with it! Arrange regular cash collections, so you never have too much at one time, and be very wary with who knows the combination. Keep it to trusted senior staff members only.

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