Create A Safety Net For Your Start Up

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Being optimistic about your new business is great but you need to temper this with some realism. You will have tough times as your build your enterprise and things will not always go according to plan. Your ability to make it through the hard times is what will make the difference between business success and business failure but you can’t do it alone. All the hard work that you have put into branding, marketing and promoting your business could come to nothing if it fails.

You need to create a safety net of support from day one. Then, when the worse things happen you know exactly who to call up for support. It could be a sudden cash flow crisis or a supplier that lets you down. Here are some people who can help you.

Computing support for when your systems go down

Every business needs a reliable computer setup. It can be a few laptops or a hundred networked PCs. They are all vulnerable to failures and hacking.

Get the IT experts to cast their eye over your systems and identify what your vulnerabilities are and what could go wrong. When you get to advise you, you can achieve an office technology environment that is secure. At the same time, it will promote efficiency, productivity, and profitability. You will get an expert team that you can call on if your systems fail or you have a loss of data.

A PR expert to help if your reputation is damaged

A PR crisis is one of the most damaging events that beset your business. Once your reputation is damaged it can take years to recover. Some damage is so bad that the business has to shut down and you have to start again. You need to prepare for this eventuality. Then, should the worst happen, your team can swing into action and launch your damage limitation exercise.

Start off by identifying what could go wrong. Some of the most common issues face by start-ups are data breaches, layoffs, and product failures. You could also be damaged by a disgruntled ex-employee. If this were to occur, try to predict which angle a reporter might take. Think about what questions they would be likely to ask in an interview.

You need to assemble a team that would deal with the crisis. You need PR experts like and legal experts to ensure that you get the best advice. Plan which communication channels you would use to get your message out there.

Practical arrangements for handling a crisis

You need practical arrangements in place to help you deal with any crisis. You need a ‘war room’ where you will hold meetings with key employees and where you can talk to representatives from external organizations. Designate a spokesperson who will communicate with employees, customers, and the media. Arrange who has to give final approval for all the strategies put in place to solve the crisis. Have a list of all the originations that can help you and your key contacts.

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