Businesses You Can Start In An Hour

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Try it! There’s going to be a lot more you’ve done outside of this hour, such as brainstorming your name and looking into domain options. Similarly, it’s likely you’ve already made or collected all of the products you want to sell, and that means you’ve got an hour with plenty of time to play with to do the rest of your admin! Plus, when you’ve only got an hour to build your business in, you’re not going to crazy with the money side either! So without further ado, here’s some of the best ideas for you to spend 60 minutes cultivating.

An Ecommerce Store

Selling things online is made easy by the amount of platforms there are out there. You could even set up your shop on more than one, and maximise on your profits to each of the millions of users each marketplace has. It won’t take long for you to set up an account, roughly ten minutes or so (longer if you can’t think of a password!), and then get your listings up and running.

To make the payment side a little easier, seeing as you’re just starting up with about 50 minutes left to your name, use some invoice factoring. It won’t take too long to get involved with, and then you can sit back for a few seconds, content in the knowledge you can only go upwards from here!

Become a Webmaster

If you’re the kind of person who’s handy with computers, go in search of this trade. It won’t take long for you to find a job site with plenty of people desperate for someone to design their website for them. We’re in 2018 now, it shouldn’t be acceptable for domains to look like they’ve come straight out of 2005! (This can actually hurt business in the long run, as people are less likely to trust someone with such an interface).

Making a LinkedIn profile alongside this means you’ve got a collecting point for your business, and anyone can find you with a quick Google search. Showcase your work with a portfolio, even your samples, and watch as the offers regularly flow in.

Use Your Blog!

If you’re running a blog, and you’ve got a good few hundred or thousand followers to your name, you can easily sign up for affiliate marketing. Get paid to leave reviews and be honest to the people who signed up to you, and you’re going to go extremely appreciated amongst the online community.

Bloggers rarely understand the reach they can have, so make sure you’re putting yours to good use when cash is strapped and you’re on the lookout for opportunities.

Of course the hour in which you set up any of these businesses is going to need to be built on, but with such a short snippet out of your day being used up, there’s plenty of working hours left to cultivate your craft. It’s up to the companies after this point to make sure they’re utilizing you!

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