Choosing The Right Telephone System For Your Business

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woman-phone-confusedAccording to the CDC, more than fifty percent of American households either don’t use or don’t own a landline. They conduct all their business on their cellphones. In offices, however, those numbers are almost reversed; only a small fraction of workers use their cells in a professional capacity, and most offices still rely on landlines more than anything else.

So where’s the happy medium between the two? What kind of phone system is really best for the 21st century company? Here are four suggestions for straddling the line and making it work.

1: Determine Your Needs
Do you need caller ID to identify clients before you pick up the phone? Are you on a multi-line phone system with too much daily activity to risk simplifying it? Every business will have its own line in the sand when it comes to how much they’re willing to experiment with new technology and what they aren’t all right with giving up. Find your own line.

2: Switch To VoIP
“Voice over Internet protocol” (VoIP) is a fancy term for telephone services that take place over the Internet. It’s a way to stay connected to the traditional office environment while also taking advantage of all the conveniences afforded by wireless connectivity. If you’re unsure about making a complete changeover from landlines, VoIP could be a gentle alternative, especially if you’re already on other Internet-based services like cloud.

3: Have Fun With Features
Many telephone system companies are willing to negotiate over the particular features you’d like to enjoy in their service packages. Think about things like conference calling, mass forwarding and other tools that could make group collaborations a lot easier. Think about call recording and answering systems that could save you thousands in receptionists.

4: Take Services To Go
It’s a busy world, and sometimes you’re forced to do business during your morning commute or when walking back to the office after lunch. You’ll need a telephone system that supports an on-the-go style, one that smoothly integrates calls, texts and emails and allows you to keep an ear in the office even if you aren’t physically present. Look for services offered under the umbrella of “unified communications.”

These are just four tips for choosing the right kind of telephone system for your business. At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you, so go with what makes you comfortable and productive.

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