Keeping Track of Employees Time

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While you won’t face this issue when running a business from your dorm room and just working by yourself, if you have plans to take it big time after graduation and you want to hire employees, keeping track of the time they work and paying them correctly, is a top priority. You certainly don’t want to have any payroll or HR issues when it comes to time keeping, payments, or vacation calculations.

punching_time_clock1If you own a business, then you know how important it is for employees to be at work on time. It is also important to know how long they have been at work so that payroll can be completed properly. Most time clocks are located near the entrance so that employees can easily enter their name or identification number when they arrive. They can also be placed in a break room to make it easier to clock in and out for short breaks or lunch.

Some companies have decided to use modern software in order to keep up with the hours that employees are at work. Instead of sliding a card through a slot, the employee will enter a number or name into a computer. The computer system will recognize the information and record it for payroll purposes as well as to keep up with when the employee arrived and left the job. This information can be important for insurance and benefits. Some companies only offer benefits to full-time employees, and the time clock system can help decipher who is working those hours. When using a computer software program, there is a chance for errors as with any other computer program. This is when a backup can be used such as a time card slot in order to double check the hours. A slot can be used until the software is tested to see how it will work.

One of the benefits to employees is financial. The company might reward those who are at work for an extended length of time with no absences with a small bonus. A time clock also helps to keep absences to a minimum. If employees know that they are being recorded every time they arrive at work and leave, then they will usually be more inclined to attend work as scheduled. Many systems will automatically transfer the hours worked to payroll without the information being entered by someone in the office. It’s a good idea to check behind the system, but it saves time that the office staff can use to get other work completed. After finding a time clock system, order today so that the business can become organized and run efficiently.

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