Concern for others – Leadership Qualities Series

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At the heart of caring leadership is concern for others.

The leader must not look down on others or treat them as machines – replaceable and interchangeable. The leader must be sincerely and deeply concerned about the welfare of people. The character of caring stands in clear contrast to the character of bullying. The caring leader never tears down, belittles, or diminishes people. The leader must also possess humility and selflessness to the estent that, whenever possible, others’ interest are considered first. Concern for others requires patience and listening, and the result is trust, the bedrock of loyalty. Loyalty to followers generates loyalty to the leader; and when tasks become truly difficult, loyalty carries the day.

Leaders must question, Do I truly care about my employees as people, or do I view them more as tools to meet my goals? DO I ever demean people, or do I always lift them up? If I value my employees, do they know it?

Following concern for others, comes having self confidence as a leader, tomorrows entry will be on just that!

If you are just starting to read the Leadership Qualities Series, check out the first post about it and then read the other entries in the series.

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