Crank Your Business Productivity Up A Notch With These Targeted Millennial Tips

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Millennial’s, now anywhere from 22 years old to 37 years old, are full of inspiration for businesses. Some even say that this group are more entrepreneurial than past groups – and that they could be the greatest entrepreneurial generation ever. How does that grab you? Whether you’re a millennial with a business already, or you’re looking to start one, knowing how to retain productivity is an absolute must.

These targeted millennial tips could very well change the course of your business for the better:

Identify The Biggest Causes Of Unproductivity

In this day and age, it’s so easy to get distracted. One minute you’re working hard, the next you’re reading up on the actors that could have played the Friends cast had things turned out differently. Seriously, don’t click that link…it’s unproductive. You can get lost for hours on your desktop, phone, or tablet looking at no particular thing, and people aren’t aware of how this happens! Here are some potential causes of your unproductivity:

  • Social media – you think you’re going to have a break for a couple of minutes, or send a quick message to a friend, but before you know it you’re doing a quiz to find out what kind of pizza you are (FYI, I’m pepperoni). Block social media from your computer.
  • Emails – emails should be avoided at all costs, especially first thing in the morning. Replying to emails is not real work. Have set times to check them, and make sure you don’t get tempted to switch back and forth.
  • Your phone – we’re connected all day long these days thanks to our smartphones. But it out of sight so you don’t have to look at your friends making plans on the group chat. Get to work!

Hire Companies That Do Certain Things Better Than You

You really want to improve your business? Hire companies that do things better than you. This way, you can do things like improve the reliability and availability of your physical assets with asset performance management, keep accurate records of your accounts with accounting, and so much more. You don’t want to spend time and energy doing these things, when frankly, somebody else does them better.

Make Your Workplace Somewhere People Actually Want To Show Up To

If you work at home, make your work space somewhere you actually want to sit and work. If you have an actual office space, make it somewhere people want to show up to. Both you and your employees. Snoozing your alarm should be so far off the table because you just can’t wait to dive out of bed and get to work.

Embrace Experimentation

A business without experimentation is going to go stagnant eventually. That’s the way it goes. Do your research, stay up to date with trends and new methods, and for the love of dogs try them. Try them all! Monitor them though, because that’s how you know if they work or not. Duh.

Enjoy A Flexible Schedule

Having a flexible schedule is one of the joys of being a millennial. Some people still work 9-5, but some find it better working 7-12, then take a nap, then 1-3…I don’t know I’m making this up. Just know when you’re most likely to get ‘in the zone’ and work at that time. Comprende?

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