5 Tricks To Try When Website Traffic Is Low

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Every business needs a really good website. For some companies, that website is their entire business. But if traffic simply isn’t increasing, your business might be facing failure before it ever has a chance to take off. Website visitor numbers should increase steadily. If the numbers are low and staying low, something is wrong. Don’t panic, though. There are ways to fix this:

Scheduling, Planning, and Timeliness

Many websites, especially blogs, need regularly updated content. This encourages your loyal fans or customers to come back time and again. The idea is to schedule and plan the content you will be posting. Start looking through the calendar. What’s coming up over the course of the next season or the year? There might be a number of important events for your business. There will probably be some public holidays. Try to tie these things into your content and your promotions. Post at least three times per week.

Content Quality

If your content is poorly written, irrelevant or boring, it won’t be read. You can check your metrics and analytics to see how long people are spending on each web page. This will highlight the pages that need a rewrite. Images are important too. Make them interesting so people will look at them. They’re easier to share through social media too. Again, make articles relevant to trending topics and wider events. Make it useful and make it shareable.


If people can’t find any of your posts or even your website, then traffic will remain low. If SEO isn’t your specialism, use a professional that can help. Web design services usually offer assistance with SEO. They will scrutinize your setup and check that pages flow. They’ll check your ranking and provide advice and solutions to improve your marketing effectiveness as well as your bounce rate. All of this should lead to increased traffic and better engagement with the visitors to your website.


Sharing is really important if you want to increase your traffic, your subscribers, and your customers. Make sure you have accounts across a number of platforms. You can automate your social posting from your website or one of the popular dashboard services. Regularly visit forums as well, offering answers and advice without the hard sell. A reference to a relevant and informative post you’ve written will be more warmly received after a few weeks rather than spamming up front.


You can also try some PPC advertising or placement advertising to increase traffic to your site. This will cost you money, but if you can convert the click-throughs to sales, you should see a return on your investment. Make sure the page they arrive at delivers on their inquiry or the promotion expectation. If you don’t deliver, your bounce rate will get worse, and you will have wasted your money. Remember, traffic is only worth having if it leads to sales conversions or subscribers!

It’s not always easy to understand why your traffic isn’t building. There are many websites out there that might be doing the same thing as you. Research your competitors then try to differentiate. Find your gap in the market!

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