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Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

How happy are your employees? That’s a question you should really ponder because the answer to it matters more than you probably realize. If you allow your employees to become demoralized and unhappy, they won’t produce the kind of work that you know them to be capable of. Clearly, that’s a problem and one that […]

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Could You Be The Next Elon Musk?

If you’ve watched a few minutes of the news or flicked through a newspaper in the past couple of days, you will have no doubt seen and heard a lot about the South African entrepreneur, Elon Musk. That’s because he has recently launched a Falcon Heavy rocket along with its very own starman into space. […]

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When It Comes to Business, It’s All About the Image

In business, image and brand are everything. Image and brand are everything to a business because they are the things that make the business in the eye of the customer, and how a business is perceived in the eye of the customer is, well, everything. So, with everything above taken into account, make sure to […]

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Speeding Up The Queue In Your Shop

The dreaded queue: something every business wishes they had in their shop and take pains in to make sure every customer is served. It’s also something any potential customers dread having to get in line with! So we strive to find things that can do something about it. Of course there are a lot of […]

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