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How the Internet Has Changed the Job Market

The internet celebrated its 25th birthday this year. From fairly humble beginnings, the World Wide Web has now become an indispensable part of everyday modern life. The fairly recent phenomenon of social media has even altered how we communicate with each other. From a human resources perspective, the internet has radically altered how jobseekers carry […]

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14 Tips on How Students Can Get Noticed In a Tight Job Market

Increasing global employable population, globalization and recent economic condition point to ‘tightening’ job market. It is obvious that year by year job market is getting worse and employment search has become much more competitive. Thus, proper planning is a must if you want to get noticed in this competitive world. According to HR experts at […]

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5 Tips for Recent Grads on Job Interviews

There has been a lot of talk recently about recent graduates from the Millennial Generation (Ages 18-35) not properly prepared to succeed on job interviews. A recent article in USA Today claims that hiring managers are passing up otherwise qualified candidates due to poor performance on job interviews. The article cites HR managers witnessing candidates […]

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