Current CD Rates Review

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I am always looking for ways to generate more income for Dorm Room Biz and one of those is by writing sponsored reviews of websites. A good place for a blogger to pick up some paid reviews is and that is where this review comes from.

Current CD Rates is a great place to check out if you are looking to learn some more information about CD’s (certificate of deposit) and about different investing methods. Right off the bat, I liked the website because not only do they provide some useful information, but they are currently using the same theme as here at Dorm Room Biz. Their website is running the theme in a sky blue color (I like it). I believe this is the default style/color that the theme comes in, so as you can tell, we modified the theme a little bit for our needs here at Dorm Room Biz.

Current CD Rates has some good information on their site including posts about CD rates at ING Direct and Washington Mutual CD rates. Although there is not currently a lot of posts on the site, the information there is decent and helpful if you are just learning about CD rates and getting involved in investing your money. Remember it is never too early to start investing and saving!!

Some other sites that are ran by the same person include Bank CD Rates and also Highest Interest Rates.

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