Weekend In The Woods

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This past weekend, I got a chance to get out in the woods and do some backpacking along the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. I always try to take opportunities like this because I know if I do not do something bedsides the ordinary work and play on the weekends, I will burn out fairly quickly and then just have a couple days of not being effective.

So a couple friends and I headed out to the AT to hike up to Kelly’s Knob, an amazing outcropping of rocks that overlooks the New River Valley and the towns of Newport, Blacksburg, and more. While out there, I got the opportunity to think about my businesses and blogging and reflect on what I want to accomplish over the next few months while at school for myself and my ventures. Besides looking for a full time job (AHHH!!) for when I graduate, I will continue to push my side businesses (web development and eBay auctions).

I also got a chance to think about some future topics for blog posts. Look out for a few top 5 or top 10 lists and some posts about the power of influence and keeping your passion burning. Look out for them coming soon, here are a couple quick shots from the trip.

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