Do Epic Shit – Plain and Simple

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Thursday night I went to a social media presentation in Downtown Orlando that was put on by Doterati. Doterati is an Orlando area based group of social media interested people. You can read more about the organization and see their upcoming events on their website They have a tweetup coming up [tonight] night which I am going to try to make it to.

Anyway, the presentation was about utilizing social media and a little bit on the side of social media consulting. One of the slides was titled “Do Epic Shit” and the idea was that you should be making big moves to get your self noticed on Twitter, the blogosphere, Facebook or wherever else.

I liked the idea of “Do Epic Shit” because it does not just apply to your social media and networking presence but to business in general. So I thought I’d make a quick video about it. I recorded this Thursday night after getting back to my hotel.

I’d love to hear your comments about doing epic shit and hustling to get your business out there and noticed!

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