March Blogging Round Up and Other Fun Stuff You Might Like To Read About

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March has been a fun month for me..and a busy one! Let’s start out with a quick rundown. March brought out 16 posts which is almost a post every other day, although it was more like a bunch of posts a few days in a row and on and off in some sort of random cycle. With those posts came 23 comments, which is a number I like, but I’d like to see it be higher! So, please leave comments on the site if you like the content as I’d love to hear what you have to say and build up the conversation on the site.

Top Commented Posts for March:

8 People That Student Entrepreneurs Should Follow on Twitter

Video: Launch Your Business Already!

Interviews/Videos with Young Entrepreneurs

Interview with Tatango Founder Derek Johnson

You Need To Follow Michael Dunlop

Meeting Ryan Allis of iContact and Zero Million

Now, lets do a very quick run down of income for the month of March.

Private Ad Sales: $40.00

Reviews and Text Links: $44.76

Affiliates: $10.00

AdSense: $9.26

TOTAL: $104.02

This past month was slightly lower for two reasons: one of our advertisers paid for two full months at once so that was accounted for in the February round up and then I also had one advertiser not renew a couple text link ads. However, I still cracked the $100 mark again, so I am happy about that!

Now, a special thanks to our current advertisers.

Sporting an image advertisement, Greener Billing is a great service you need to check out. With free accounts and more features than other online billing websites, Greener Billing is a great way to save paper, save the environment from wasting resources, and also still get a bill to your clients. I’ve started using the service and will have a review of it out soon! With text link ads, again this month, we have Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes and Student Credit Cards. Also with a top spot in the header area is the Thousand Dollar Profits program!

Coming soon to Dorm Room Biz

The new theme for the site is about 95% of the way complete. I’m tweaking a couple images and getting everything finished up. I have the issue that many entrepreneurs have – I want it to be perfect before launching it. So, I’m going to be taking my own advance and launch it already, and then tweak it more as we go along.

Other Crazy Things Happening

I’m still in Florida! I know, its been like a month already! I’ll be back in Maryland on April 11th for “good”. May 1st my Fiance and I will be moving into a townhouse, so those couple weeks after I get back are going to be busy packing and trying to get everything ready for that. Once the office is set back up in the new place, I’ll be sure to share some pictures and a quick tour of the place! We’re both really excited about it, so it’s going to be fun. Tomorrow, we [my finance is flying down tonight] are heading to Universal Studies in Orlando since I have the day off work, so I should have some neat pictures and videos from that next week. Also, as a side note, I’ve started adding more pictures to my Flickr account, so you can always check that out to see what I’ve been up to.

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