Don’t Have The Money To Hire a Designer?

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Then checking out different website template sites. There are so many different sites out there that offer high quality free website templates, whether it is a static site, a flash site, or WordPress themes. If you can not afford a designer, picking up a website template (free or paid) is a great way to build your website and customize a great design to fit your needs. If you have a little bit of design or programming knowledge, then customizing a free template is an amazing option for you. Many of the designs that I have used in the past including here on Dorm Room Biz have been free templates that I then customized to fit my likings and the features that I needed for the site to have.

If you check out sites like Dream Templates you will see the wide range of templates that are available. Another great feature of many of the template websites like Dream Templates, Template Monster, and others is that they offer an affiliate program. If you have a website, this would be a great extra income earner for you. Promote the high quality templates that are available for download or purchase at these sites and then you can even earn some extra commission from them.

Having a high quality and great looking website is a very important need today within the internet. First, if you business is not on the net, then you need to get with the times and set up a website for your business. Feel free to contact me about my website design services. If your business is on the web, then you need to make you sure that you have a great looking website. Using a free template is your opportunity to make that happen if you have a small budget and can not afford to higher a full design company or service.

Just doing a quick Google search will give you plenty of results to keep you busy for a long time while looking for free high quality templates and even templates that are for sale. If you are in the market for a premium WordPress theme, I would suggest checking out the themes at WooThemes or Solostream. Both post some incredible themes and I know they are high quality for the cost of them!

What do you guys think about using website templates on your site as opposed to having a custom design?

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One Response to Don’t Have The Money To Hire a Designer?

  1. Matt Unger August 13, 2008 at 1:41 pm #

    Chris –

    Totally agree. For a $30 template you can totally upgrade the look of your site.

    For even a little bit more, you can make your site look like gold with professional gfx! 🙂


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