Dorm Room Biz Saturday Ramblings

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Things have been crazy the past couple weeks for me! Here are some random thoughts and updates on what has been going on behind the scenes at Dorm Room Biz and with my life.

Computer Issues
I have been having a bunch of problems with my desktop computer at home. I am currently using my laptop while trying to get everything fixed up. However, on my laptop I don’t have all my normal programs installed such as Adobe Photoshop, so the work that I can do is limited. I have some kind of virus on my computer that only lets me access a few different websites, slows everything down, and displays random popups in Internet Explorer. I’ve ran Ad-Aware, SpySweeper, and other adware/virus softwares and none of them have fully gotten rid of the problem. I even purchased Norton Antivirus online (got it half off by using coupon codes) and that still hasn’t done everything. I am hoping to have this resolved soon. I’ve moved everything to my external hard drive and if it comes down to it, I will just do a wipe and reload of my computer to fix everything.

Outer Banks Last Weekend
Last weekend (Thursday – Sunday) I was down the Outer Banks of North Carolina chilling out with my family and friends. I made some videos while driving around that I planned on posting right away…but that obviously didn’t happen. It will probably go up tomorrow because I still want to post it just for fun! This also slowed down my chances of getting a whole lot of work done.

Website Design Income
I usually do a Dorm Room Biz Income Report at the end of each month and one will be coming soon for July. However, I thought it was worth mentioning that through my website design business, I made just shy of $900 in July. I’d like to continue this through August and the rest of the year, so if you are in the need of a website design, feel free to contact me!

Busy with a Full Time Job
As many of you know, I am working a full time job and started in mid June. The first month I was there was really slow however things have been picking up and a couple people in my area are transferring out this month. Therefore I have been working until at least 6 PM pretty much every night and soon will probably be working overtime to reach our deadlines. This slows down blogging, web development projects, and everything else. However, it is fun work so I enjoy it. I also enjoy the opportunity to blog while at work when I get the down time, so this sort of makes up for my lack of motivation when I get home from a long day at the office.

Guest Posters
Because I am working full days at the office, I am looking for any guest posters that may be interested in submitting articles to Dorm Room Biz. Dorm Room Biz has about 100 RSS subscribes and gets good readership, as well as sometimes linked to from other blogs such as the Business Opportunities Weblog Network (thanks for the mention during the week Rich!) If you would be interested, get at me via Twitter or email and let me know what you’d like to write about!

Contest Time Coming Soon
Over the last week or so I have been working on putting together a contest for Dorm Room Biz readers. I’m searching out sponsors for different prizes including books, free advertisements, cash, and more. If you’d like to offer your product, service, or other prize to the Dorm Room Biz readers through a contest, please contact me!

Interested in keeping up with what I am doing? While I may not be blogging everyday, I am usually on Twitter while at work and updating throughout the day! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and start up a conversation with me! Add @chrispund to your Twitter friends!

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  1. Bobby August 5, 2008 at 11:29 am #

    Try a registry cleaner on your PC

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