Easy As My PC – build your own PC for less!

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Are you thinking about buying a new computer? Are you interested in saving some extra money and not ordering directly from one of the big manufacturers? Check out the option of “East As My PC” which offers PC Kits that you can put together you self in less than a couple hours – not only could you save some money, but you can learn about the workings of a computer and building them; sounds like a win-win situation!

Whether you need a basic PC, a business PC, or a gaming PC, As Easy As My PC is a good choice to get some different options and possible save you some moola! The company lets you still customize your order (like ordering from Dell) by picking your selections of monitors, operating systems, graphics cards, modem, and media card reader.

Their website is easy to use and understand and the customization of your computer package is also very simple – although you can not control as many aspects as if you ordered from Dell or another retailer, it is a heck of a lot simpler with only one screen to customize your order and then the actual shopping cart screen – in and out and done with it! They even offer the full manufacturers warranties on the different items as well as FREE ground shipping!

They are also nice enough to provide a couple price comparisons based on their model and that of Dell. Check them out for an fun and educational way to get your new PC!

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