What business would you start if there was nothing holding you back?

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A little while ago I posed to question – If you had $100, what business would you start? It even prompted a follow up post on Blogtrepreneur where Adnan asked what kind of online business you would start with just $10. Now, I am curious as to what business you would start if you had nothing holding you back. Meaning: money is not a problem, barriers to entry do not matter, don’t worry about the competition already in the industry, you would absolutely have no hurdle to jump by starting the business. For many, the answer to this question would be their ideal or dream business; as it is for me.

With having nothing holding me back, I would love to start a multimedia and event production company that would put on magnificent events, stage designs, and workshops. This is one business goal of mine to try to reach and I am on the way to doing this (more will be discussed about this at a later time).

So, with nothing holding you back, what kind of business would you start? It is always interesting to hear peoples dreams and things that want to do – it helps us great recharged for what we are currently doing and to look at how we can reach our goals or make our dreams become realities!

Leave a comment with your ultimate business!

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3 Responses to What business would you start if there was nothing holding you back?

  1. Dan February 12, 2008 at 3:04 pm #

    My “ultimate business” would be a lake side resort. I’d have campsites, cabins, a lodge, a restaurant, and numerous water based activities.

    I’m actually planning on doing this on a smaller scale once I retire or get tired of working in my current field.

  2. Chris February 12, 2008 at 6:55 pm #

    I really like the idea of starting some sort of resort/destination area, especially if you are an outdoor person.

  3. Roger Wilkanson February 13, 2008 at 7:24 pm #

    One that makes me free.

    Tim Ferriss and James Brausch both talk about working 4 hours a week or less and making a very good income.

    I love the idea.

    It all seems to come from being able to break things down into small enough pieces that each one is simple, clear, easy to get someone else to do, and capable of being improved.

    So if money was no object, I’d retire already. If I could only use it for a business, I’d use it to get one up and running that required as little input from me as possible to keep running.

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