eBay Sales Taking a Rollercoaster Ride

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Over the past month or so, I have not had a ton of time to fully devote to my eBay business and because of that, I know our sales have suffered. However, when I do have a chance to take pictures, write descriptions, and list times, I am usually able to list around 10 items at a time…there just may only be those 10 listed for a week or two before more are listed.

So, as I do have a chance to list some items, the sale go well…surprise surprise. I have been keeping a fairly small inventory of some different camping and backpacking equipment so that I can try and have a steady stream of inventory to be able to list for sale. This has worked out pretty well because as one item of it would sell or an auction would end, I could easily relist it and not really have to worry about it too much. However, my inventory is quickly depleting.

I paid for the inventory on my credit card, so before I purchase more (or much more) I want to have my credit card bill paid off (which means about another $300 to send in). So, I am looking for other things to sell…which is why we originally started the business – to sell items for others. So I have been picking some stuff up from my parents who own a coin and jewelry store in the area and selling things that they have bought as scrap just for their metal values and not to resell. My parents are nice enough to let me keep the money made off of these sales. So I am hoping that within the next two weeks I will have the money to pay off the credit card bill completely, so I can just run it up again with another $200+ charged to it WOOHOO!

Anyway, my rant was just to explain that I am still continuing to sell on eBay and the sales are doing well when I have the time to list items. As I mentioned in my previous post working full time from 8-6 every day does not leave a whole lot of time to work on the eBay business, yet I am trying. I really see the potential for this business to take off…..only if I could focus all my efforts on it, but that will have to wait for now!

Anyway, if your in the needs for some sweet bicycling gear (mountain bike forks, water bottle holders, handle bar tape, etc) or any camping/backpacking gear, check out our eBay store. You may find something you like!

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