Health Analytics Website Updates

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I signed an agreement with the owner of Health Analytics on Tuesday (had been trying to meet with him for a week) to start some updates and revisions to their website. I created the original site back in September and now they are looking for some general updates in content, images, and adding a couple new pages.

The plan is to knock these updates out within the next week and a half so that we can move on to another part of the project which will be a flash animation introduction for the site that will take some more time.

Working 10 hour days all week really puts a drain on your available time to work on side businesses and projects. Getting up at 6 AM, being at the office by 8 AM if not earlier, working until 6 PM, driving home in traffic, having dinner, doing a little work, and then going to be around 11 PM to try and get a decent amount of sleep to just get up at 6 AM to do it all again leaves little time to get the work done. This weekend will allow me a few solid hours that I can concentrate on getting the majority of the work done.

I also have about a week and a half left in the timeline to complete the updates and additions, so I should have plenty of time.

Know someone needing a website developed or updated? Send them my way.

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