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If you are a business owner you will be aware of how technology has an impact on your productivity in keeping up with customer demand and expectations. With technology developing so quickly it is essential that you highlight areas of innovation that will be of benefit to you and implement them quickly. It doesn’t matter what sector or industry your business is in, technology can be used to your advantage whether on a small scale, such as developing a secure online presence or a large scale manufacturing company. By keeping your business current and on trend, you will stand streets ahead of your competitors.

Keep an eye on development

We are living in a constantly evolving fast paced world, where technological advances are occurring rapidly. It is important to keep your finger on the pulse – so to speak and observe how new technology could be useful in your business. Firstly you need to take stock of what part of your business uses technology to function effectively. If you own a manufacturing business technology will have been used more and more frequently in the production process over recent years. Using technology increases productivity and is more reliable, as not susceptible to human error, for example 1800scales.com specialize in the innovation of  load cell cable, to be used in conjunction with scales, balances and weights. The cables are strong enough to be used in industrial processes, therefore increasing speed, safety – and your profit margin!

Every business needs  to stay up to date with information technology (IT). Most sales and communication is now initiated online, so your online presence needs to be current and secure. Your business may have a whole department dedicated to IT or you may be a sole trader, where the responsibility of IT solely lies with yourself. No matter which, a lot of your time will be spent communicating with customers, retailers and manufacturers by email, skype, video conferencing and social media, it is therefore essential to have the systems of communication in good working order.

Some business sell online via their website, to ensure trust is engendered in your customers it is important to make sure you have the most up to date, cyber security systems installed, making online payments safe and unlikely to suffer a data breach.

To stay up to date with current developments in technology the following tips will help.

Subscribe to publications

By reading the publications relating to your business sector you will keep up to date with current trends. You will also become knowledgeable on how technology is being implemented by your competitors. Trade magazines usually have articles based on future developments and advancements, this will allow you to plan and budget for the future accordingly.

Don’t forget that many publications may be online only, also website forums can be a fantastic source of information.

Carry out regular market research

Talk to your customers regularly and ask for feedback. Adapt the feedback around the future direction of your business. Take note of negative as well as positive and implement changes as necessary. Don’t forget to communicate to your customers what changes you have made as this will show them that you listen to their requirements.

Prior to developing new products or services, seek opinion from your target market, this will ensure you avoid costly mistakes by making your product what your customer wants and at the forefront for innovation.


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Networking with others in like-minded businesses will ensure that knowledge can be shared and that you don’t get left behind in terms of innovation and staying current. It is easier than ever to connect with others and can mostly be done from your own office. Skype and conference call facilities allow people to network with each other from all over the world, which is fantastic for moving business sectors forward.

Networking also facilitates the opportunity for future leads, if another business in your sector cannot complete a customer request, you may be able to take on the order.

Another area for successful networking to take place is at conferences, you will be able to meet many people within your industry, as well as stay up to date by listening to lectures and taking part in workshops.

To conclude, it is essential to stay up to date with current innovation and development. This ensures that your business stays on-trend and can keep up with customer demand. Technology when implemented effectively can increase productivity, so is well worth the initial investment.

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