When It Comes to Business, It’s All About the Image

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In business, image and brand are everything. Image and brand are everything to a business because they are the things that make the business in the eye of the customer, and how a business is perceived in the eye of the customer is, well, everything.

So, with everything above taken into account, make sure to keep reading to find out exactly why image is everything for a business as well as advice on how your business can work on its own.

Why image is everything in business

Image is everything in business for a number of reasons.

One of these reasons is that, because the image of a business is essentially its first impression, and because it takes less than a second to make an impression on a stranger, that image/first impression has to do everything it possibly can to entice all the new people that see it. And, only when it is enticing in this way will it turn these newbies into fully fledged customers of its business.

Another reason why image is everything in business is because, quite frankly, a negative image can damn a business like nothing else, despite the reputation it already has. Well, why else would 8% of businesses have been said to have fired their employees for their actions on social media, i.e. the posts they write and the photos they upload.? Because their actions could be connected to the business and thus ruin it, that’s why.

Evidence that proves image is everything in business

There is evidence that proves image is everything in business, but some of this evidence is somewhat hard to read.

An example of some hard-to-read evidence comes in the form of it being statistically proven that job candidates that are deemed to be good looking, slim and tall are often prioritized over others because their image is perceived to be the one that will up the business’s image and ultimately bring them more custom. As damning and as prejudice as this is, it is true.

How you can up your business’s image

You don’t have to be one of those businesses that is prejudice in its employee hiring choices just to up its image, you know. Yes, there are other ways for you to do so — other ways that are far more demanding, mind you, but ways that are morally correct.

One such way is to pay special attention to the actual images your business releases into the world. You see, when you take thought provoking photographs, when you take photographs that tell everything you could possibly want to tell about your business and when you use professional photo editing software that enhances each photograph that you take and upload online, such as Sumo Paint, you will show your business to be professional. What’s more, you will show your business to have its finger placed firmly on the pulse of the latest media trends, as the taking and uploading of photographs is still a very trendy thing to do! So, get your business an Instagram account, get taking some photos and get uploading these photos onto this account.

Seriously, your business’s image is a part of your business that you can’t afford to screw up, so don’t screw it up!

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