Have you ever picked up a girl (or guy) at a bookstore?

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I am sitting here in a Barnes & Noble doing a little mobile work while waiting for time to pass for a client meeting and have noticed some attractive young women that either work here or are walking up and down the isles of books. Have you ever tried to pick up a girl (or guy for that matter) at the bookstore? Now, I will note that I am in a relationship and have been for over 3 years and am happy where I am, but wanted to pose the question.

I think the bookstore is a great place to strike up some conversation with someone you may be attracted to or be interested in having some coffee with. Obviously the person you are stalking is interested in reading to some degree (leisure, informational, educational) no matter what the their focus may be. From that, you can hopefully make the inference that she or he is intelligent, interested in learning, and has some sort of knowledge that they would be willing to share with you if you asked.

So, my question to you, is have you done it? Has it worked? If I was single, I would be sitting here more often I think.

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