How do you get clients?

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Ben at College Startup had an interesting post last week. He commented on how he managed to get clients for his different website design and graphic design services that he offers. He makes some very good points, and this is the one that I can relate the most with:

What I have learned is it’s not about how great your designs are or how big the names on your client list are. It’s about who you know. If someone tells you “Clients aren’t going to knock on your door, you have to go find them,” then they are, quite simply, wrong. Clients do come knocking on the door. Clients do find you. It takes a little bit of work to get your name out there, but clients find you. 100% of my work has come from clients contacting me directly after reading this website or someone I know referring them to me.

This rein’s so true with me. I usually am not the one to be out and advertising my services a whole lot. I have come across most of my current clients from either completing a project for them and then they returned with more work for me or through word of mouth.

You can read Ben’s full article at College Startup.

Some people call it luck but others just call it good work. How do you manage to get your clients? Are you out pounding the payment every day trying to find new leads or do they just pop up at your door step?

I would love to hear some comments!

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  1. David Askaripour April 3, 2006 at 1:19 pm #

    I also read that Ben’s article as well and found it great. I agree with him that you’d be surprised on how many clients you can get just by doing a good job for people and having them spread the word for you. I’ve written a few similiar articles on Flush the Toielt that deal with working hard and always doing the best that you can for as many people as you can — it’ll always come right back around to you.

    I love your blog and keep up the good work.

    David Askaripour
    Flush the Toilet

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