FOCUS your IDEAS and let your mind LOOSE!

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Flush the Toilet:

Having a ton of ideas and wanting to do many things with those ideas is perfectly fine, but there must be some order in which you tackle these concepts and when each is actually implemented. You can’t fool yourself into thinking that you can equally distribute your energy between many different projects simultaneously. When you start trying to do that, you’re never really focusing your creativity on one specific task to make it a masterpiece; at most, you’ll be creating many things that are “decent.” Forget about being decent, you want excellence!

I think Dave’s article is so true and directly hit the nail on the head. I competely agree with him. I always have a ton of ideas and when you try and spread yourself out to work on them all you just get so thin you really can’t accomplish anything. Its like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when you dont use enough peanut butter and the layer is so thin the sandwich is almost worthless because there is no substance 🙂

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