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What’s your dream job? Or perhaps dream career? I have a lot. One of them is to own and operate and outfitter, guide company, and restaurant all in one. This means that the business would be a river, hiking, and rock climbing guide service, a camping and outdoor gear store/outfitter, and also have a little “hole in the wall” type of restaurant. That’s a lot in one right?

What’s yours? Go ahead, think about it…I’ll wait.



So, now that you’ve thought about your dream job, lets get onto the next level. How can you prepare yourself for landing your dream job or situation like I described above? Personal and professional development of course! But how are you going to do that while you’re so busy working on all the other aspects of your life and building your life/career/job/situation/etc?

A new resource out there is a website called Learn.com. They have recently announced the launch of their personal edition which allows you to take different skill tests and developed a ‘skill score’. If you’re looking for your dream job, then your skill score also helps connect you with potential employers whose criteria your score fits. Sounds pretty snazzy huh? I definitely think it’s worth checking out if you’re looking to do a little personal development. Every bit helps and you can never have too much education!

So, back to my dream situation for a section. Looking through the courses available, I’d consider some of the following:

  • Personal/Development – Finance
  • Business – Leadership, Customer Service, Operations Management, Marketing
  • Compliance – Human Resources

Then, I’d take a look at some of the skill tests that other members have put up on the website that relate more closely to my industry of choice. I’d be focusing on the Sports and Recreation category, the Leisure category, and Travel category.

But what if you can’t find a skill test that you are looking for? Well, if you know enough about an area that is lacking on the website, you can create your own test, put it on the Learn.com website and then make money off of it! The pricing for the courses are very reasonable as well – access plans start at just $3.99 a month!

So, if you’re wanting to land your dream job and develop yourself into the person to fill that position, then checking out Learn.com’s Personal Edition is probably worth it to you. Even if you just sign up and run through some of the free courses, it can be very helpful information!


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