Little-Known Funding Options To Help Your Business Thrive & Survive

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It is no secret that a business needs funds in order to thrive and survive. But the question of where to find it is another matter together. This is something which is actually ever-changing, and no matter what you will need to make sure that you are thoroughly researching the question of where to find the right stream of money for your particular venture. There is much that needs to be considered, from what sector you are in to how much growth you expect (or hope) to see in the next one, two or five years. It helps however, first and foremost, to know as many of the funding options as possible, so you know what your chances are.

Bitcoin Borrowing

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard at least something about Bitcoin. If you are unsure, it is fairly simple. Bitcoin is a crypto-currency, meaning that it is a kind of money which only exists digitally. In fact, you could argue that it doesn’t exist – what exists is a series of transactions from one wallet (address) to another, which in their entirety make up what is known as the blockchain. You don’t need to understand all the ins and outs of it to use it to your advantage, however. Using the process of Bitcoin borrowing, you can find some pretty fast funding for your new business – but be careful who you borrow from. Find a Peer-to-Peer lending platform, and you could be well on your way to funding your business in no time.

Tax Incentives

It is worth paying attention to anywhere you can get a break, as these can sometimes effectively act as extra funding for your business. You will need to research this question more deeply yourself, taking into account your sector and other factors, but in general there are likely to be a few options on this front. A good example is sred credits, a kind of incentive which acts as a government grant for businesses carrying out any kind of research and development. The beauty of something like this is that you can expect to continue receiving funding along the way, not just at the beginning of your business’ life. This could make a huge difference to how confident you feel in your business further down the line.


If you are just looking for a healthy upfront pool to get working with, then you might find it more beneficial to look at crowdfunding. Using sites like Kickstarter, you can get the funding you need just by offering people incentives for helping you out. What these incentives are is up to you, but you need to make sure that it is fair if you want it to work. An added bonus of this method is that you will also be able to gain some interest in your business from the outside before it even launches. Effectively, this means funding and a little marketing all in one fell swoop. That can be an extremely powerful position to be in, and it’s worth thinking about when you set out.

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