Long-distance Meeting In College

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College is perhaps one of the best places one can be if you’re beginning a business venture, or are in the idea phase of one. It’s a safe environment that promotes experimentation, and is a natural network to get into contact with numerous people who might be interested in joining you for it.

There can be some issues however. Traveling great distances is not an option, and many of the experts you do get into touch with will be a long way away. Thankfully, there are all kinds of way you can hold meetings even being long distances apart.

The first, most obvious and most traditional method of having meetings over a great distance is simply the phone. Audio conferencing is a breeze with most modern and even older phones that allow you to make three plus way calls.

This is even more convenient if you have a headset or speaker phone so you don’t have to hold the receiver to your head throughout the meeting. Unfortunately, there are issues. It’s voice only, is easily prone to environmental sounds ruining the experience, and it’s impossible to send or show documents via phone alone.

Thankfully technology has marched onward and has given us no shortage of software for text conferencing, audio conferencing and even video conferencing. You will require certain software and hardware to use computer conferencing software, but programs like Skype are free to use and most of the hardware should be easily obtained or borrowed in a college setting.

Skype is an excellent tool for conducting meetings, as not only can you use a traditional computer headset to talk without needing a receiver, but you can also combine audio with text and video. You can type in links or terms that require specific spelling, you can show documents or progress on physical objects in real time, and you can send over files and other important things through the same software you’re using to meet with people in the first place as easily as sliding paper over a desk. It is quite simply the best option available if you have a computer, headset and camera.

In the current digital age, it’s far easier than ever before for college entrepreneurs to keep in touch and co-ordinate properly over long distances. It seems a promising time to be getting into entrepreneurship, or to be reaping the benefits of new products and businesses.

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