Faster Internet Speeds Result in Higher Sales Volumes

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The Wall Street Journal reported that sales for Internet giant Amazon increased by 1 percent for every 100 milliseconds the company cuts off download times. Customers get impatient in the electronic age, and many viewers click off when downloads take too much time. Businesses can take several steps to increase their Internet speeds, getting more sales and higher productivity. Slow speeds can come from inadequate Internet bandwidth, old equipment, inadequate memory, or trying to run too many devices for available bandwidth and equipment.

Increasing Internet speeds provides better video conferencing services, faster downloads and uploads, and increased scalability. Faster upstream and downstream connections allow businesses to use their time more efficiently instead of waiting for transfers to finish. Businesses rely on Internet marketing, so the first step involves an understanding of how fast each programs runs. Companies do not always get the speeds promised by their Internet service providers, which depend on many factors such as line usage, geographical location, and type of connection.

Several online resources can track and monitor bandwidth analysis of all company devices and programs. These resources show how quickly web pages and other programs load on computers, including files that upload to websites and emails. Uploads always finish more slowly than downloads, but managers can increase speeds, when using wireless networks, by connecting their computers directly to their routers with an Ethernet connection. After learning how equipment performs, managers and administrators can compare their hardware, cable systems, and bandwidth needs with available options.

Companies often run too many devices for available bandwidth, so find out which programs share the computer’s resources and reassign or disable them for faster Internet speeds. Setting startup protocols and programs to manual instead of automatic saves a great deal of memory, so eliminate unnecessary demands on computers when these programs do not run. Verify that each computer has the proper settings for the type of connection. When bandwidth problems slow Internet speed, consider adding the best ethernet service solutions to solve the problem. Upgrading to gigabyte Ethernet service will not improve the speed of Internet connections, and some older equipment might need DSL providers. However, an upgrade will help when inadequate bandwidth causes slower Internet speeds.

Shared broadband increases the speed of downloads and uploads and enhances connectivity in multi-user environments. The increase in speed could prove as much as 10 times faster. Many hotels and large corporations use shared broadband for scalable solutions to increased use of mobile applications and technologies such as cloud-based services, mobile devices, and webcasting equipment. Systems with guaranteed up time could prove cost prohibitive for some companies, so shared broadband helps bridge the gap between DSL providers, cable bandwidth limitations, and expensive leased lines.

Getting faster Internet speeds improves company performance, saves time, and increases sales. Why wouldn’t you want all three of these benefits for your business?

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