ProfessionalGFX Update

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The web development business has been a little slow lately for us and after talking with some other developers and designers, I have been hearing the same thing – so maybe it’s an industry trend of a slow period. Anyway, ProfessionalGFX has hit a slow spell and we are looking for new clients as always!

I am currently working on some updates to BCW Prints and Temple Workout Gear. My client for these projects has also promised a few referrals to friends and others that she works with, so I am looking forward to being able to develop those relationships.

We are also looking at creating a new design for the ProfessionalGFX website which will feature more of a portal/network look displaying our internet properties (Virginia hiking trail information, dorm room business help, and a Raven Symone celebrity website) and also for our clients to get some more exposure. Finding that middle ground between portfolio and network is the problem. Any suggestions? Feel free to comment.

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