Radford Auctions Update

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eBay is a wonderful thing! Any website that allows others to come together and trade things they don’t need anymore buy someone wants deserves high praise. My partner and I have been working steadily to grow Radford Auctions over the last couple months. We have started keeping an inventory of different camping and outdoor items and also continuing to advertise our services. We have started working with a local bike show sho is looking to start selling some of the items and parts that they have laying around. Hopefully this will bring some god money in! On top of that, my partner, Zach, is working to establish a relationship with a few of the local Walgreen’s stores to have them donate items to use that are not selling or are on clearance in the stores. We sell the items and split the auction earnings with a non-profit student organization that supports free enterprise at Virginia Tech.

Radford Auctions is doing well so far and we are just trying to determine the best way to grow and expand the business!

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