Radford Auctions Makes Great Strides!

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I am happy to announce that many good things are happening for my eBay start up company, Radford Auctions (www.radfordauctions.com). For those of you who have not heard me talk about or read about Radford Auctions, I will give you a quick run down. Radford Auctions is an eBay drop off store started by myself and my partner, Zach Chapin. The business will be primarily focused in the Radford, VA area while we are at school and is where we will eventually establish our headquarters. shipping departmentBut for now while I am not down at school, I have been running the business out of the basement of our house, or as my family likes to call it “the shipping department”. We also carry a small inventory of different items so that we can continually have sales as opposed to trying to run everything off of just having people bring us items to sell.

We recently launched our actual eBay store (www.stores.ebay.com/radfordauctions), as before we were just running regular listings. With implementing the eBay store, we are hoping to be able to easily attract more buyers to our other items easily. Also with our eBay store comes the ability for our customers to sign up for a newsletter and receive updates on different products we have for sale. We have been having many different repeat customers for different items and being able to offer a newsletter to them will continue to bring people back to our store.

On top of our eBay store, we have also launched our 95% fully working website to help inform people more about the business and what we can do. You can view the website at www.radfordauctions.com

These steps have been some huge steps for us in the start up phase. In addition to launching the online portion of the business, we are working on finishing up our business plan, looking for some office space, and also talking to a couple possible small investors to help us out through the first few months of start up.

How are your start ups doing? I would love to hear some stories about how your summer business ventures are panning out now that we are basically half way through the summer vacation period for most schools. Leave a comment and lets get some discussion going!

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