Hot To Set Up A Home Office

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Dane at the the Business Opportunities Weblog points to a great post about setting up your new home office some different things to think about to help with your productivity and just setting it up in general.

Written by David Lorenzo of Career Intensity Blog, he points out a couple of these key points:

-Start from scratch. Clear out your entire office and paint it a fresh color that inspires you or makes you feel focused. Stay away from reds and blues; choose energizing greens, comforting golds or pale yellows. Color is a bold and inexpensive way to transform a room.
-Organize. When it comes to organizing, think modular, so you can move pieces around to suit your various needs and create more desk space. Determine which items you will need easy access to and arrange them accordingly. Bins and boxes are great for storing the things you’re not using all the time and give the room a clean and organized look.

I think I need to work on my organization skills for my “shipping department” as shown in the picture in my previous post.

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  1. Joseph Williams July 14, 2006 at 3:03 am #

    It’s a hassle to keep things organized with so much in mind.

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