Starting From Nothing: Finding The Funds For Your Business

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When you’re first starting out in business, it can hard to know where to get the funds from to propel you forward. Obviously you want a path of progression, but without the funding behind it most people come to a sudden halt in what they’re doing. But where does this money come from – and how do you go about utilizing it in the best way?

Friends and Family

Essentially, you can get you friends and family to sponsor your business or become investors in it should they have the means and wanting to do so. Don’t force them to commit to something that they’re not convinced by; you will need to present them with a good basis of knowledge on what you are doing and how you intend to get their money returned to them. As long as you have a clear plan as to what you’re doing and how you’re going to do it, as well as confidence in your abilities with it all, there shouldn’t be reason for them to be unsure. Don’t dodge any questions that they have got and answer them truthfully. If you don’t know about something in particular that they are asking about, ensure that you do everything you can to research them and give them an answer back as soon as possible.

Look To What You’ve Already Got

A lot of the time, those who are creating their own business having freshly come out of college or still being students in school themselves are faced with the inability to get a loan or other financial help. There are certain organisations that can offer bursaries and assistance to give you a good grounding, but these opportunities are rare and need to be applied to as soon as possible. If you already have equipment that you use within your startup, you can take out a loan using this as equity, with more details from Equify here available for you to be able to make a decision. It may be that you have saved up for what you are already using over the years, or have already got it on hand ready to put up as equity; in which case, you are already one step ahead.


Another route into finding the right amount to get you well on your way to success within your business is to start a crowdfund. This can be done online, and works on a rewards-based system for the most part – although you can opt just to ask for donations towards with business without any incentives to the contributors. Giving out perks that your company is able to provide without much cost from you, as well as not being obliged to give out shares, means that this is much more of a risk-free option when you are first starting out. If you are really at the beginnings of business, proposing your ideas on Kickstarter can be the initial push that you need to break into the market that you’re aiming for.


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