Staying Focused and Motivated on the Weekends

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As a college student, it can sometimes be hard to stay focused on the success of your business during the weekend. Many students run full force for 4 days straight and by the time the weekend comes around, all you want to do is relax and hang out. I am a social person, so obviously the weekends are a change to hang out with friends and party, but I still like to try and stay focused as much as possible.

The weekend presents a great opportunity to student entrepreneurs – two full days when you don’t have to worry about attending classes or running to meetings (hopefully). You basically have 48 hours to do what you want. So, why is it so hard to work on your business?

My weekend motivation problems include the following: no classes, “social time” (aka party time), changes to do the things you can’t do during the week – getting outdoors, shopping, going to the movies, etc, and the opportunity to SLEEP IN!

So with all the reasons not to stay motivated, how can you get work done on your business or project?

Here is what I like to do:
1. Wake up early – 10 AM is sleeping in to me (depending on the day before). However, no matter how late I may be up the night before or how bad I feel in the morning, I like to be up by 10 or 10:30 AM. This gives me easily 2 hours before my roommate or girlfriend wakes up. I usually use this time to send emails, reply to clients, and o a little research. The time before your friends wake up is a crucial opportunity to get some work done.

2. Make a to do list
– I was sitting in class while writing this post but just before writing this, I was writing my to do list for the weekend which was about a page long, nothing unusual there! Having a list of what you need/want to accomplish by the end of the weekend is a big help. This helps keep me organized. When you make your to do list, be sure to include business/project goals/things to do but also include any school work you need to get done – homework, projects, studying, etc. This way you are being double productive – business and school work.

3. Dedicate time to yourself
– Do not run full force on the weekend like you may have been doing during the eek. Keep some time to just relax around and hang out with your friend – whether this is during the day, going out for dinner, or at night. I like to work in the morning, have lunch with my roommate or girlfriend, do a little more work, and then relax until about dinner time. After dinner, Ill spend a little more time working or just relax the rest of the time. It’s a good balance – find yours.

So there are the 3 main things that I do to keep my motivation on the weekends and to be successful. What keeps you motivated? Do you have a routine that you like to keep every weekend?

Find your balance between work and fun and go get your dreams!

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