Entrepreneurship in Education?

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This post is more of a little research or poll to see what you all think about someone going to college to get a degree in entrepreneurship.

Most young entrepreneurs fell as though entrepreneurship is something that is not taught in a classroom and it is not something you can completely learn. Many people fell that the entrepreneurial mindset is something that is inherited (passed down generation to generation).

Many universities and colleges are busy developing school for entrepreneurship, centers for entrepreneurship, or departments of entrepreneurships. Are these centers or schools worth it? Are they destroying the natural drive, passion, and motivation of entrepreneurially minded people by trying to teach other students how to have that motivation? My university is one school starting to plan the development of such a center, starting out small and then growing. I don’t know a whole lot about some of the other universities, but the one thing that I like about the way Radford is approaching it is to start out by offering a minor in entrepreneurship to allow all students, not just business majors, to take small business related classes and get a background in how to start a small business.

Are you apart of or taking classes in a center for entrepreneurship or other related program at your college? What is it like? Is it different from a regular business degree you feel? Leave some feedback!

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