Staying Networked on Campus

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It’s usually hard to walk to class every day and not notice all of the bleach-blonde sorority sisters yapping it up on their smartphones. You might think they are annoying, loud, and obtrusive; but deep down you know you’re jealous and want in on their secret sorority girl world. She might have a good idea of what networking on campus is like, but there are other people who have more productive days by using technology discreetly and to their advantage.

Link Your Files with DropBox

Have you ever spent all day in the library, researching and crafting the perfect paper for your Victorian literature class and get a call from the girl you’ve been interested for a study date at a coffee shop? You want to go, but there is no way to transfer your files and research documents onto your MacBook from the library’s PC. With the innovative DropBox software you can easily pick up from one location to the next. By placing files in the DropBox, you can pick up work from any location or device without a lot of complicated USB drives, wires, or technical support.

Connect with Call of Duty

Instead of going to lame social functions sponsored by the dorm room association, one of the best ways to meet new people on campus is through online gaming. You can meet people who share the same interests as you just as easily through playing online games than by attending casino nights or Hawaiian luaus in the cafeteria.

According to a report on ABC News, more women are playing online games than ever before. If you are not into the party scene or have a difficult time engaging strangers at the rec center; hooking up to an MMO or first-person based shooter is a sure-fire way to meet people of the opposite sex and spark a romantic relationship. You might also find that people playing games online are more attractive than others because the same report stated that gamers have a lower BMI and better exercise habits.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

When you go to a frat party or popular bar, there is a good chance that someone is going to snap an unflattering photo of you and post it on Facebook for everyone to see. The worst part about this is that professors and instructors can view your profile and discover that the reason you weren’t in class isn’t because of a stomach ache, but because you were out all night (and probably because of a stomach ache).

The best way to use social media to your advantage at campus is to set your privacy control options so only selected individuals can view your information. You can also use Twitter to make it sound like you are really getting into a course. You can create entire Twitter domains dedicated to a specific course and make it sound like you are becoming an authority on the subject matter.

By using these methods to stay networked on campus, you can improve your classwork productivity and your social life with ease; all without the hassle of talking with sorority girls all day.

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