Summer Wish List

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*I actually wrote this post a couple weeks back but never got around to posting it, so here it is!*

I was doing a little shopping today and came across some things that I would really like to work hard to be able to purchase this summer. So, I just put together this quick list to remind me of them and also to act as motivation for me to work hard to get them!

1. iPod Nano or Regular (whichever I can find cheaper, probably on eBay) – $150+
2. Window Vent Visors for my Jeep $50
3. Laptop Computer
4. 19 inch LCD Flat Panel Monitor for my computer (for dual monitor set up) $200+
5. DVD player for my apartment
6. Laser Printer $150+
7. Jeep Grille Guard (Brush Guard) $200 – $400

Putting together a list like this of things that you would want to purchase in the near future or on a timeline is a great way to motivate yourself to continue to work hard and achieve your goals!

(Since writing this post the first time around, I have already gotten the Window Vent Visors for the Jeep 🙂 )

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