The Athlete Summit: Preparing You For The Next Step In Sports

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As young entrepreneurs, we’re always learning, growing, and getting better at what we do. We’re constantly evolving because that’s what it takes to be successful and achieve greatness in today’s market. Remember MySpace? Things change…

What have you recently started incorporating into your business to take it to the next level?

When Tim Ferris brought Virtual Assistants to the forefront, I knew I was going to save a ton of time and resources while maximizing impact. So, I did the research, planned it out, wrote up everything that needed to be done step by step…

From click to click and check box to check box, in the simplest language possible.

With those instructions, I felt like my dog could run multiple areas of my business…

Working with virtual assistants isn’t as easy as I expected though. Shortly after stepping into the VA space, I began hearing this clicking noise. My head was counting down, preparing to explode.

When I first learned about Facebook ads, I had to sit on my hands from all that awesomeness potential…

An excited FB Ad launch quickly turned to an anti-cranial explosion effort as well since I realized I had no idea how to maximize that potential.

The fact of the matter is, no matter the potential, no matter how much larger the impact, time savings, or how the new shiny thing could improve my ROI, I’m not an expert in every field.

Imagine if you had access to a host of experts breaking down how to successfully incorporate virtual assistants, FB ads, email campaigns, mobile responsive websites, CRM tools, and everything else you need to take your business from good to greatness. That’s exactly what The Athlete Summit will do for athletes.

As a young man in high school, I had the dream of playing sports in college. I was willing to do whatever it takes. In fact, people who’ve reconnected with me since graduating from high school in 2001, often mention my work ethic and motivation to succeed as characteristics they admired in me. The only problem back then was I had no idea of what was going to take me to the next level.

I didn’t have that mentorship, objective feedback, or the nuggets of knowledge to guide me through my athletic journey. So, I spun my tires like a muscle car until the clock counted down to 0. Sure, I had some success, but I wonder what could have been different.

Could I have earned that scholarship if I knew how to best negotiate the recruiting process?

What if I was able to run faster or jump higher?

Was my strength program enough? Nutrition? Mental toughness?

How many other athletes are going for their sporting dreams in a misguided way? It’s probably close to the same percentage of small business owners.

If you know a young athlete or coach who has the dreams of bringing their performance to the next level, they don’t want to miss The Athlete Summit. Through this online event, we’ve got 17 of the greatest coaches and professionals in sports performance pulling back the curtain on everything athletes and coaches need to take their game beyond high school and into college.

The Athlete Summit

Some of the things you’ll learn include…

The recruiting strategy that’s facilitated over 13,000 collegiate commitments since 2013

The Speed training improving high school, collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes

How to build the functional, resilient muscle needed to play your sport in college

The nutrition that keeps athletes going hard throughout the game and into overtime

The mental toughness and focus training that’s mandatory to play ball at the next level of performance

There are so many aspects to achieving greatness in any sport, but the largest factors are the right training program and the right mental program. That’s why The Athlete Summit has 3 experts discussing the non-physical side of great athletes, but we wanted to do more than that.

We’ve brought on 7 motivational athletes to share their story, their struggles, and exactly what it takes to achieve greatness in sport and in life. It’s not about if failure is going to happen because it will. It’s about what choice you make after failure hits. That’s how we achieve greatness and that’s why motivational athletes are on The Athlete Summit!

The best part about all of this coaching, motivation, content, exclusive discounts, and promotional contests for giving away athlete swag, is that The Athlete Summit is a free online event. We don’t want financial limitations to come between this event and anyone who needs this knowledge, so access to all presentations is at no cost. The 14-day event begins July 12 and runs through the 25.

While we’re keeping our motivational athletes secret for now, you can find out which coaching presentations are being released, all the topics covered, and register for free at

Knowledge is power in business. The same is true in sport.

Your Partner in Greatness
Tanner Gers

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