Time Management for the University Driven

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The quote unquote “real world” is a great instructor in terms of free-time. It has really taught me in some time about how much free time I have had in college and that I never really utilized it. For example, I thought I was too busy because I was not only a full-time student, but I was also in a business fraternity, business organization, held part-time jobs, and more.

The beauty of college is that everything is spread out. If you can figure out ways to patch those hours in between your active hours you can really become productive in various ways. Below I have included five suggestions that I have found helpful over the past two years:

  • Try waking up before 9am. It adds to your energy and ability to produce. Can’t wake up early? Try going to bed before midnight and maintain a consistent schedule of productivity.
  • If you have an hour between classes, don’t walk all the way back to your dorm or apartment. Find a productive place close to where your next class begins next and get to work on some tasks that need completion. Possible suggestions could be computer labs or student dedicated centers.
  • Stop spending a lot of time on certain tasks. A lot of times we study too much for exams or drive the point into the ground in hopes that it will only make us better. Unfortunately, it mostly just wastes useful time.
  • Make use of the time you create by implementing these habits. It wouldn’t hurt to use some of the free time to refocus or take a breather from the day’s activities.
  • Use a planner! This may sound like a no-brainer, but the effective use of a planner isn’t as simple as you would think. Take a week, log what you use your time for. Adjust it accordingly to see how much you can squeeze out of your time in a given day.
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  1. Early Riser September 14, 2007 at 1:42 am #

    Also – study in shorter time spans but repeat the material more often. It’s a great way to utilize the breaks between classes.


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