Time to hit the real world corporate office? Official job offer came Sunday.

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So, the big decision that most college seniors are starting to make is what they are going to be doing after graduation. The other decision that student entrepreneurs have to make, much like myself, is do you pursue a full time “corporate world” job or do you keep working hard towards launching your business as soon as you get out of school?

Over the summer, I interned with one of the top department of defense contractors in the world, I was in a good position for a full time job offer for their development program for recent college graduates. Well, the initial offer came a couple weeks ago, I filled out the paperwork, and submitted everything last week. Sunday evening I received the official offer through email with all the details of salary, benefits, and final paperwork.

The salary is very good for a college graduate in the area that I will be moving back to however, is a little lower than I was shooting for. So, hopefully, after a little negotiation, it will jump another $1200 or so. If this happens, I will be very happy.

So, I guess as you can see, I am about 95% positive that I am going to accept the offer and become a full time salary paid employee with a GIANT corporation with offices all around the world. Now, some may say that this decision is going to go against everything that entrepreneurship is about and the point of being an entrepreneur and not work “for the man”. However, my reasoning for taking a full time job out of college is this: steady and constant salary, flexible work time allows me to still work on developing my business, opportunity to have a Masters degree paid for by the company, and the opportunity for personal and professional development and growth.

So, as I evolve from college student into full time paid employee, you’ll see some different postings coming up on Dorm Room Biz about the processes that I go through. However, do not think for one second that the focus of Dorm Room Biz is going to change or will die. As long as I have the time to post articles and information, I will do so for as long as possible. With that, be sure to keep coming back because over the next month you are going to start seeing some major changes with the site.

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  1. Bobby November 14, 2007 at 2:55 pm #

    I can vouch with you there man. You’ve seen what I’ve went through in terms of transitioning to corporate America. Maybe we should do a post comparing the experiences!


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