Need a new watch band? has you covered.

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If you have ever broken a watch band, you probably know what a pain in the butt it is to replace it. You have to start out by deciding if the watch is even worth it to replace the band or just buy a new one. If you do decide to buy a new one, the majority of bands that you will find in places like Wal-Mart are cheap Velcro or pleather bands. If you want a nice quality band, you are then going to have to go to a watch or jewelry store to find some more options. Well, now you can find one from the comfort of your home and computer. is an international leader in the sale of replacement watch bands. They feature a ton of different kinds of bands, everything from leather (need a new alligator or lizard one?) to metal to sports bands.

Although the company is based out of Germany, you can try to rest easy knowing that they have served customers all around the world. Their testimonials page features praise from customers from places within the USA like New York and California but also outside of the US like France and Deutschland. has over 8,000 watch bands in stock, so if you can not find a band to fit your need, then you must not know what you are looking for!

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