Top 3 Mobile Payment Processing Solutions for Small Business Owners

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Are you in search of an easy to use and affordable way to accept credit and debit cards for your business? Usually, traditional merchant providers have high up-front charges and monthly fees without considering the quantity of debit and credit card sales that a business processes. Hence, for business with not so many transactions, the rate of these merchant providers will be very high.

Luckily, there are already a few options, like the EMV payment processing Cincinnati, that accept payment without the need of upfront costs for costly point-of-sale system and will only charge a certain percent of sales.

Here are top 3 mobile payment processing solutions for your business.



Founded in the year 2009 by the same person who founded Twitter, Square has obtained an enormous growth in just a short time. Square greatly different on the way it market and sells it services as compared to the conventional credit card processors.

Also, Square generally depends on online marketing as well as partnerships with cell phone service providers and retailers. It market the company’s pricing with a simple and clear message.

One great reason that made Square reach the top position in the payment processing arena is its ability to offer its customers with onetime transaction processing fee. There are no other charges like


Intuit GoPayment

This payment processing provider is developed by Intuit, Inc., the same company that developed Quicken, Quickbooks, and Turbo Tax. Intuit had come up with this payment scheme so that small business can extend their payment processing to mobile devices. In this manner, even if you deal with your business while on the road, payments can still be taken. If you are one of the million owners of small businesses that use Quickbooks, you will no longer need to re-enter the transactions the moment you reach your office.

Other features of Intuit GoPayment include its ability to add 50 or more users for each account. It also has an automatic and location based sale calculation tax for every transaction. GoPayment may cost you $13 monthly with 1.7% for swipe fee.


PayPal Here

PayPal Here connects with a PayPal user’s account and allows users to process payments and trace all that is happening both in offline and online sales.

This payment processing system accepts an extensive array of payments such online invoices as well as payments via the mobile app of PayPal. Through a tablet or smartphone, it can take payments using credit cards and accept checks.

PayPal Here charges 2.7% for each card swipe and 3.5% and 15 cents for entered transactions.

Keep in mind though that low transaction charges are not essential if the service and the software you are using does not fit to your business. If you will need to accept and trace cash and credit card payments, GoPayment may not be ideal for you. However, if you want to have only a onetime fee, you can choose Square. Accepting credit card payments can be an ideal choice if you are not bothered by the several fees being charged by payment processors. But, if you want to receive electronic checks, accept all major credit cards and be able to trace cash payments, you can simply opt for PayPal Here.

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    Excellent alternative options … today’s modern internet-based entrepreneur’s are upsetting the apple cats of the big banks and finance companies … love it!

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