Using Facebook to Offer Customers Buying Incentives

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Unless you’re organized and have a system in place, keeping up with class schedules while dealing with issues related to small business management can be overwhelming. You have to find ways to integrate the two aspects of your life.

Don’t stress about time – streamline the management of your business processes.

Multi-tasking Is a Way of Life

Similarly, finding ways to combine business functions will streamline the process of running your business and make your life a little less complicated. For instance, you can use Facebook as a way to help build a positive image for your brand, and you can also use the social media platform as a place for offering customers buying incentives.

Creativity Is a Must

Anyone working to develop a business while also attending college has a lot to deal with; they have to be creative. Getting two things done at once is not only helpful, it is essential.

With Facebook, you can build customer loyalty at the same time you brand your business. Because Facebook is so popular, offering buying incentives there is a great way to increase brand awareness. Customers who are pleased with your products will be happy to return for more.

The Right Incentive

Obviously, the incentive you offer has to be matched to your target audience. If it’s not, the results will be less than successful.

One incentive option is to provide Facebook followers with a discount code or phrase that can be used at your online storefront. This not only works to build interest in the Facebook page, but it also increases traffic to your website and allows you to measure the ROI or functionality of the incentive offer.

Likes Are Nice But…

At Facebook, one of the goals is to get more ‘Likes.’ However, getting a ‘Like’ doesn’t really offer any monetary rewards. On the other hand, if you can get followers to ‘Like’ your business and return again and to even get others to visit and ‘Like’ the page, you are more likely to see some profits.

The good news is, there are ways to do this. Once again, you will set out to accomplish two tasks at once.

Why not post an incentive offer that will increase in value according to the number of ‘Likes’ you receive within a given period of time?

For example, you could have a coupon good for $10 off a product. But if you receive 10,000 ‘Likes’ by the end of the week, the coupon will be good for $40 off.

This gives your followers a reason to promote the offer for you. In effect, you win in multiple ways.


Make those ‘Likes’ really count!

Contests and Sweepstakes

Many people get excited about the idea of winning a contest or sweepstakes. Get creative and come up with some ways to get your followers involved. Consider a contest based on photos related to the topic of interest, or you can let readers submit ideas for a product name.

The point is to get your customers involved in something interesting and related to your niche, and to provide a prize as an incentive. This helps to create a little excitement and encourages others to spread the word, which of course, is not only a way to ensure others learn about your contest, but they will also learn about your business.


Facebook is a treasure trove of marketing opportunities for a creative business person. You can set up surveys and polls that encourage your readers to provide their opinions about products and services in your industry.

As an incentive to complete the survey, customers can be provided with a discount offer for one of your products or services. The discount offer encourages them to spend money with your business. While you benefit from the money being spent at the business, you also gain insights into what the customer wants and needs. This is valuable information to have on hand when working to develop new products/services or to tweak existing ones.

Saving time is essential for every business owner. When the business owner also attends college, efforts to save become even more important.

Offering customers buying incentives at Facebook is a fabulous way to multi-task. Integrating promotional strategies with ways to gain an understanding of your audience and with research for new product development will streamline the management and administration processes of your business. This makes the management of your business more efficient.

Debbie Allen, founder of, is a professional writer and blogger that specializes in topics of interest to women and online marketing strategies.

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